a picture from here.

7 Mar

Well I don’t really know what to say.
When you think about snow it’s more like something white, fluffy and cold, but I can tell you, that’s not what it really is. Snow is gray/brown and not really fluffy, more like something just about to become water, but the cold part is right. So, that’s one of the reasons why I hate snow – we don’t get the real snow!



3 Mar

Diane Kruger

Dita von Teese

Peaches Geldof

Miranda Kerr

Marlene Dietrich

the past days.

2 Mar

Past days has been nice. Enjoying my holiday.
I’ve managed to hang with friends for three days and the fourth is going to be the same as well. Kinda nice according to me 🙂
Oh and the pic, it’s an old picture of the Swedish city Södertälje 🙂 I went there today with a friend, hihi 😀
Will try to take some pictures tomorrow. I want to have some snow pictures for some weird reason… hmmm


27 Feb

I’ve just finished the history work! Time for some rest! 😀

You know it’s true, everything I do, I do it for you.

24 Feb


22 Feb

“Så länge vi har en hemlighet för oss själva, är den vår fånge, men när vi avslöjar den, blir vi dess fånge.” – H.C. Andersen

once upon a time…

20 Feb

… I looked like this.
… I sat in lines for concerts, signing sessions etc. for hours and hours.
… I used to go to my friend on the country side at least once a month.


(I found a competition on http://www.yousefs.se/ – you’ll be able to win an iPhone so I thought “yeah, why not? my phone is pretty fucked up so…” – so check it and join if you’d like too ^^)