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Harry Potter World Cup – 3rd task

2 Jul

So – to the third task of the cup. I’ll mark the ones I’ve voted for in bold letters. Nothing more πŸ™‚


Harry Potter vs. Neville Longbottom

Dobby the House Elf vs. Severus Snape

Hermione Granger vs. Ginny Weasley

Remus Lupin vs. Albus Dumbledore

Ron Weasley vs. Fred Weasley

Cedric Diggory vs. Rubeus Hagrid

Draco Malfoy vs. Bellatrix Lestrange

Sirius Black vs. Lord Voldemort


Harry Potter World Cup – Diagon Alley

1 Jul

So, a bit to late but here it is πŸ™‚


Draco Malfoy vs. Peeves the Poltergeist

Well, Malfoy may be an annoying little thing but still – all he wants is attention and he’s confused – and he’s much cooler than Peeves.


Viktor Krum vs. Fleur Delacour

Dunno really what to say – Viktor is just famous because he’s the Seeker for Bulgaria and I don’t really see anything more in him, but Fleur grows a lot since she’s a bigger part of the books than Viktor – and you kind of gets to know her a little bit.


Molly Weasley vs. Aragog

Molly is awesome and so lovely, it’s impossible to not like her. And Aragog is a spider…


Bellatrix Lestrange vs. Cho Chang

Cho Chang is cute and such – nothing to discuss. But she seems to disappear and fades away. I find her as a weak character, but Bellatrix, my Lord. She’s someone you just can’t forget. Which I find important in a character, a reason to that I like her even though she’s as horrible as she is.


Nymphadora Tonks vs. Nagini

I’ve always liked Tonks a lot. She’s cool and shows that you don’t need to be great in everything to success with the highest rated jobs. She’s a strong character that you can’t dislike in any way, she’s just to cool. And I hope she may rest in peace.


Sirius Black vs. Rufus Scrimegour

We never really got to know Rufus in my opinion, which kind of makes him unimportant. Go Sirius! And may both of them rest in peace.


James Potter vs. Kreacher the House Elf

I like Kreacher a whole lot better than James. He’s just the father of Harry, we never get to know him. But Kreacher is cute even tho’ he’s the way he is.


Lord Voldemort vs. Moaning Myrtle

Do I even need to say why?


Draco Malfoy vs. Fleur Delacour

Molly Weasley vs. Bellatrix Lestrange

Nymphadora Tonks vs. Sirius Black

James Potter vs. Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter World Cup – Hogsmeade

28 Jun

Okey, we’ll have to deal with the fact that the photos are FUCKED UP.


Ron Weasley vs. Lavender Brown

LAVENDER BROWN IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING, I want to puke when I hear her name, it’s that horrible, really! And I just find Ron(ald) so fucking awesome, sweet and God knows what. I simply love him and could say that he’s one of my favorites in the books. πŸ™‚


Oliver Wood vs. Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew

Wormtail is disgusting and God should know what I think of him! So easy said, Oliver.


Arthur Weasley vs. Percy Weasley

In the books, we’ve always got to follow Arthur as a hardworking family father who tries to make enough money to live a normal life even tho’ it means that he has to buy second hand things to his children. But he’s proud of what he manages to do and I would call him a everyday life hero, ’cause that’s exactly what he is. Sadly enough, his son Percy doesn’t really appreciate everything and acts like a goddamn prat and such, always annoying and such, which makes me kinda dislike him. So easy choice for me and I feel like a lot of other fans feels this way to, Arthur did after all, win.


Fred Weasley vs. Professor Sprout

As I told you when it was between George and Dolores Umbridge, I’ve always liked the Weasley twins and there’s nothing that makes me change my mind here. I love Fred and I really feel that I’ve gotten to know who he is during the books, but there’s no such connection to Professor Sprout, she’s one of the few teachers you really haven’t gotten any idea of. And I hold on strong to this and to my love for Fred Weasley, and it was very easy for me to make my choice here. May Fred rest in peace.


Luna Lovegood vs. Narcissa Malfoy

Well, the rest didn’t agree with me here.
I’ve always found Luna interesting, charming and entertaining. Thinking of her makes me smile and laugh, she’s so odd and doesn’t care what other people think about her, which I love a lot and I admire her as a character for what she does and how she acts. And to put her into a competition against Narcissa Malfoy – the mother of Draco, is very unfair. For me, Narcissa has always been some kind of bitch, mostly because she’s from the Black family and because she married Lucius. But the others may have thought she was cool and sure, she kinda is, but I feel a lot more about Luna than Narcissa, so I was pretty sad to see Narcissa win.


Cedric Diggory vs. Olympe Maxime

Even here I lost. I’ve never liked Cedric that much and gosh, his father, so annoying! I prefer Maxime a lot more.


Lily Potter vs. Horace Slughorn

And for the third time in a row – I didn’t agree with the others, woho!
No but seriously okey, Lily was the mother of Harry, so what? We didn’t get to know her as a character – but we did get to know Slughorn, deal with it. Don’t vote for Lily just because she was the mother of Harry. :c


Rubeus Hagrid vs. Gregory Goyle

No surprises here. Hagrid is awesome, Goyle isn’t.


And the second battles;

Ron Weasley vs. Oliver Wood

Arthur Weasley vs. Fred Weasley

Narcissa Malfoy vs. Cedric Diggory

Lily Potter vs. Rubeus Hagrid


Harry Potter Worldcup – Godric’s Hollow

28 Jun

How annoying that the pictures in my last post wouldn’t change as I changed them into :c Nevermind, I think you’ll survive.
We’ve now come to Godric’s Hollow, let us begin.

Hermione Granger vs. Rita Skeeter.

Kinda obvious, isn’t it? Hermione is one of the three main characters and one of the characters we’ve grown up with. She’s really one of a kind and you’ve got to love her in one way or another. It’s not weird that she won over Rita Skeeter – the little bug known from the forth book that keeps writing stuff about people. Geegh!

Nearly Headless Nick vs. Fawkes

I strongly disagree with this one. The people voted for Fawkes – Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Sure, he saved Harry in the Chamber of Secrets and his tear can heal yadda yadda yadda, but come on. Just because it’s an awesome bird, you don’t vote for it! Nearly Headless Nick is just awesome! He’s got more character and brings more to the books than Fawkes! Stupid people :c

Ginny Weasley vs. the Dursleys

No surprises here. Who would even vote for the Dursleys? Horrible people if you ask me. I don’t even want to explain myself here.

George Weasley vs. Dolores Umbridge.

Just as always with the characters we start to hate, it’s not a surprise for me that George Weasley won. I find Dolores Umbrigde as a horrible, disgusting women who should be ashamed of existing. I don’t like her at all. But as many others, I love the Weasley twins and George is one of the twins. He’s just lovely and funny and gosh, it’s hard to not love him. I guess that’s what many others thinks as well. He’s just too wonderful.

Hedwig vs. Seamus Finnigan

No need to comment. Hedwig is Hedwig.

Remus Lupin vs. Argus Filch

Let’s put it like this – Remus Lupin is a cool freaking wearwolf πŸ˜€ Argus Filch is an angry squib :c and I like Lupin, he’s cool in many ways and I feel like it’s kinda hard to explain why, I just like him a lot.


Gellert Grindelwald vs. Mr. Ollivander

For those who doesn’t really get who Grindelwald is – he’s the seconds most darkest wizard – after Lord Voldemort. Used to be a friend to Dumbledore who was in love with him but since he was a dark wizard and killed Dumbledores sister, they broke as friends and Dumbledore fought him in a battle and won – and he got the Elder Wand. He’s the old man that Lord Voldemort talks to in the prison where you can see a boy (the one on the picture – which is him as young) steal the wand from someone random. And all this in HP and the deathly hallows part 1 (the movie).

Anyways, I haven’t really connected to Grindelwald at all, I don’t really feel him or sense his personality in any ways, but Mr. Ollivander has been there since the beginning, even thought he’s not mentioned that much, but he’s still the old, cozy man around the corner, if you get what I mean. That’s why I like him and of course, voted for him.


Albus Dumbledore vs. Mundungus Fletcher

Three words + one name: “Dumbledore is fucking awesome!”


So, to the last part of it – the second voting for Godric’s Hollow.

Hermione Granger vs. Fawkes

Ginny Weasley vs. George Weasley

Hedwig vs. Remus Lupin

Mr. Ollivander vs. Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Worldcup – Privet Drive

27 Jun

So, it started last week but I wanted to wait until the result from the first task was done. So, I’ll simply start with Private Drive and tell you about my votes and the character presented in bold letters, is the one who won.

Harry Potter vs. Professor Quirell.

Okey, not so surprising, is it? Harry is the main character and the saga is named after him (for those who haven’t noticed yet) and you see him grow up and everything, so it’s not such a surprise. So I think you’ve understood that my vote went for Mr. Potter.

Lucius Malfoy vs. Gilderoy Lockhart.

So, the father of Draco and the D.A.D.A teacher from the second year. The winner, Lucious Malfoy is the character I also chose to vote for as well, since I find him pretty cool in some sort of way. Yeah sure, he’s a disgusting Death Eater tralalalala, but you also see him grow during the books and in the end, he decides to leave the dark side. I find him more real than Gilderoy Lockhart that’s been lying through the whole, second book and I simply doesn’t like him.


Professor McGonagall vs. Cornelius Fudge.

Honestly, you shouldn’t even hesitate on this one. Professor Minerva McGonagall is fucking AWESOME! No need to explain more, or is there? Let’s just mention that Cornelius Fudge is a bad Minister, a coward that deserves a slap in his face. :3


Neville Longbottom vs. Fenrir Greyback

Well, no further description is needed here. We’ve followed Neville since the first year and we’ve seen him become a great wizard and it was easy to decide here. I should also mention that Fenrir Greyback is disgusting!


Dobby vs. Dean Thomas

Dobby the house-elf has always been in his own class. He’s adorable. I’ve always liked him a lot and the fact that I didn’t reallyΒ  notice Dean Thomas in the beginning kind off outshines his chances to win this battle, which he didn’t. So it’s not surprising at all that sweet little Dobby won. May he rest in peace!


Mad-Eye Moody vs. Kingsley Shacklebolt.

This one was rather hard. Two awesome aurors from The Order of Phoenix. But in the end, I had to look at it his way. Sure, Alastor (Mad-Eye) is an awesome auror and character and he’s the best auror that’s ever existed, but Kingsley Shacklebolt survives (hehe) and becomes the Minister of Magic and he made the world SAFE again. Besides, he’s so goddamn awesome in the fifth book and film, so I simply had to admit it to myself – Kingsley is my winner and it seems like, he’s the other readers winner as well.


Professor Trelawney vs. Professor Filtwick.

Another one that was pretty easy for me. You see, I’ve never really liked Prof. Trelawney but I always found Prof. Filtwick as an amusing and charming (haha, pretty funny isn’t it – a charming Charms teacher ;)) character. I’ve always liked him, especially in the movies when you kind of get to see another side of him than in the books, and I think it’s genious! That’s the main reason I voted on him, and I guess, it’s the same reason others did.


Severus Snape vs. Vincent Crabbe.

I don’t think there’s anyone who actually likes Vincent Crabbe – son of another Death Eater. I find him rather annoying and pathetic and I’ve always disliked him, as a lot of other fans I guess. But I’ve always sensed that there’s something with Snape that makes him act like he does. I was right and I don’t want to spoil the last movie for those who haven’t read the book, but it clearly changed my view of him. I do now respect Snape in some sort of way and it would be stupid not to do so. He’s an interesting character that takes seven books to actually get to know, but it’s worth it. Therefore, I would say that he’s one of my favorites.


So, that’s the first part of the Worldcup. I just might as well post below here which I think should win the second part of Privet Drive. Then I’ll update about the others as well. The character I write with bold letters is the one I think should “win” this task.

Harry Potter vs. Lucious Malfoy

Professor McGonagall vs. Neville Longbottom (can’t make up my mind here, sorry)

Dobby vs. Kingsley Shacklebolt

Professor Filtwick vs. Severus Snape