Harry Potter Worldcup – Godric’s Hollow

28 Jun

How annoying that the pictures in my last post wouldn’t change as I changed them into :c Nevermind, I think you’ll survive.
We’ve now come to Godric’s Hollow, let us begin.

Hermione Granger vs. Rita Skeeter.

Kinda obvious, isn’t it? Hermione is one of the three main characters and one of the characters we’ve grown up with. She’s really one of a kind and you’ve got to love her in one way or another. It’s not weird that she won over Rita Skeeter – the little bug known from the forth book that keeps writing stuff about people. Geegh!

Nearly Headless Nick vs. Fawkes

I strongly disagree with this one. The people voted for Fawkes – Dumbledore’s Phoenix. Sure, he saved Harry in the Chamber of Secrets and his tear can heal yadda yadda yadda, but come on. Just because it’s an awesome bird, you don’t vote for it! Nearly Headless Nick is just awesome! He’s got more character and brings more to the books than Fawkes! Stupid people :c

Ginny Weasley vs. the Dursleys

No surprises here. Who would even vote for the Dursleys? Horrible people if you ask me. I don’t even want to explain myself here.

George Weasley vs. Dolores Umbridge.

Just as always with the characters we start to hate, it’s not a surprise for me that George Weasley won. I find Dolores Umbrigde as a horrible, disgusting women who should be ashamed of existing. I don’t like her at all. But as many others, I love the Weasley twins and George is one of the twins. He’s just lovely and funny and gosh, it’s hard to not love him. I guess that’s what many others thinks as well. He’s just too wonderful.

Hedwig vs. Seamus Finnigan

No need to comment. Hedwig is Hedwig.

Remus Lupin vs. Argus Filch

Let’s put it like this – Remus Lupin is a cool freaking wearwolf 😀 Argus Filch is an angry squib :c and I like Lupin, he’s cool in many ways and I feel like it’s kinda hard to explain why, I just like him a lot.


Gellert Grindelwald vs. Mr. Ollivander

For those who doesn’t really get who Grindelwald is – he’s the seconds most darkest wizard – after Lord Voldemort. Used to be a friend to Dumbledore who was in love with him but since he was a dark wizard and killed Dumbledores sister, they broke as friends and Dumbledore fought him in a battle and won – and he got the Elder Wand. He’s the old man that Lord Voldemort talks to in the prison where you can see a boy (the one on the picture – which is him as young) steal the wand from someone random. And all this in HP and the deathly hallows part 1 (the movie).

Anyways, I haven’t really connected to Grindelwald at all, I don’t really feel him or sense his personality in any ways, but Mr. Ollivander has been there since the beginning, even thought he’s not mentioned that much, but he’s still the old, cozy man around the corner, if you get what I mean. That’s why I like him and of course, voted for him.


Albus Dumbledore vs. Mundungus Fletcher

Three words + one name: “Dumbledore is fucking awesome!”


So, to the last part of it – the second voting for Godric’s Hollow.

Hermione Granger vs. Fawkes

Ginny Weasley vs. George Weasley

Hedwig vs. Remus Lupin

Mr. Ollivander vs. Albus Dumbledore


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