Harry Potter World Cup – Hogsmeade

28 Jun

Okey, we’ll have to deal with the fact that the photos are FUCKED UP.


Ron Weasley vs. Lavender Brown

LAVENDER BROWN IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING, I want to puke when I hear her name, it’s that horrible, really! And I just find Ron(ald) so fucking awesome, sweet and God knows what. I simply love him and could say that he’s one of my favorites in the books. 🙂


Oliver Wood vs. Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew

Wormtail is disgusting and God should know what I think of him! So easy said, Oliver.


Arthur Weasley vs. Percy Weasley

In the books, we’ve always got to follow Arthur as a hardworking family father who tries to make enough money to live a normal life even tho’ it means that he has to buy second hand things to his children. But he’s proud of what he manages to do and I would call him a everyday life hero, ’cause that’s exactly what he is. Sadly enough, his son Percy doesn’t really appreciate everything and acts like a goddamn prat and such, always annoying and such, which makes me kinda dislike him. So easy choice for me and I feel like a lot of other fans feels this way to, Arthur did after all, win.


Fred Weasley vs. Professor Sprout

As I told you when it was between George and Dolores Umbridge, I’ve always liked the Weasley twins and there’s nothing that makes me change my mind here. I love Fred and I really feel that I’ve gotten to know who he is during the books, but there’s no such connection to Professor Sprout, she’s one of the few teachers you really haven’t gotten any idea of. And I hold on strong to this and to my love for Fred Weasley, and it was very easy for me to make my choice here. May Fred rest in peace.


Luna Lovegood vs. Narcissa Malfoy

Well, the rest didn’t agree with me here.
I’ve always found Luna interesting, charming and entertaining. Thinking of her makes me smile and laugh, she’s so odd and doesn’t care what other people think about her, which I love a lot and I admire her as a character for what she does and how she acts. And to put her into a competition against Narcissa Malfoy – the mother of Draco, is very unfair. For me, Narcissa has always been some kind of bitch, mostly because she’s from the Black family and because she married Lucius. But the others may have thought she was cool and sure, she kinda is, but I feel a lot more about Luna than Narcissa, so I was pretty sad to see Narcissa win.


Cedric Diggory vs. Olympe Maxime

Even here I lost. I’ve never liked Cedric that much and gosh, his father, so annoying! I prefer Maxime a lot more.


Lily Potter vs. Horace Slughorn

And for the third time in a row – I didn’t agree with the others, woho!
No but seriously okey, Lily was the mother of Harry, so what? We didn’t get to know her as a character – but we did get to know Slughorn, deal with it. Don’t vote for Lily just because she was the mother of Harry. :c


Rubeus Hagrid vs. Gregory Goyle

No surprises here. Hagrid is awesome, Goyle isn’t.


And the second battles;

Ron Weasley vs. Oliver Wood

Arthur Weasley vs. Fred Weasley

Narcissa Malfoy vs. Cedric Diggory

Lily Potter vs. Rubeus Hagrid



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