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27 Feb

I’ve just finished the history work! Time for some rest! 😀


You know it’s true, everything I do, I do it for you.

24 Feb


22 Feb

“Så länge vi har en hemlighet för oss själva, är den vår fånge, men när vi avslöjar den, blir vi dess fånge.” – H.C. Andersen

once upon a time…

20 Feb

… I looked like this.
… I sat in lines for concerts, signing sessions etc. for hours and hours.
… I used to go to my friend on the country side at least once a month.


(I found a competition on – you’ll be able to win an iPhone so I thought “yeah, why not? my phone is pretty fucked up so…” – so check it and join if you’d like too ^^)

sleeping in my car…

20 Feb

me @ the moment

17 Feb

maybe not the women thing, even tho’ I don’t quite understand them at all 😉 (HAHA, good that it came from a girl…)

winter stays.

16 Feb

My overflowing tears melts the snow scene that I saw with you.